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Clipboard Recorder  v.2. 1. 2003

Clipboard Recorder is a tool used to record what you have copied/cut to the clipboard. You can paste the same item by selecting from the list of records without repeating copying/cutting the same item from its original place. It provides multiple

Random Rotator  v.1

Random web page rotators that cannot pick the same item twice in a row which makes these the best random rotators anywhere!


FPgrowth  v.4.40

Find frequent item sets using the fpgrowth algorithm. FPgrowth is a simple, tiny software that will help you find frequent item sets (also closed and maximal) with the fpgrowth algorithm (frequent pattern growth, Han et al 2000),

Cookie Rotator  v.1

Great Cookie Content Rotators of all kinds in PHP or Javascript in all timings!

Complete Background Image Rotator  v.1

These are quality background image rotators, with many fantastic extra features already included!

Background Rotator  v.1

These are quality background image rotators, with many fantastic extra features already included! Javascript Complete Background Image Rotator. Does everything for a background image rotator! Rotates background images by day of the month,

AuctionMagic  v.8.2.98

AuctionMagic is the most strong bidding and auction management program available on eBay. It will track you auctions and place your bids moments before the auctions close to outstandingly increase your chances of winning.

Desktop Bidder Lite  v.4.5.4251

Desktop Bidder is an auction sniper for eBay that enables you to place automatic bids on selected items within a few seconds of auction closing. The software integrates a web browser interface that allows you to browse for auctions,

Kutano  v.1.0.3632

Kutano is a full featured and rich Twitter extension that lets you weave Twitter conversations and discussions into your browsing. A browser add-on that lets you make comments alongside any webpage.

Seqwog  v.1.37

Frequent sequences finder. Seqwog is a small, command prompt software specially designed to help you find frequent sequences without gaps in their occurrences. That is, the items of the frequent subsequences must always be consecutive in the

Find Duplicates In List Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to find duplicates items within a list. With this software, you can load text files and each line will be compared. Results can be saved saved to text file or copied to the clipboard.

Same Files Assistant

Same Files Assistant is ultimate application for hard links managment. This utility can create hard links. You can do it manually or from results of analyzing your disk for duplicate data results. This will help you not to use space for duplicate files

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